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ND Custom Computer is a family owned private business focusing on creating custom desktop computers and providing computer repair and restoration services in the Fort Atkinson, WI area. Owned and operated by myself, Nick Dingman, the business serves as both a hobby and an additional source of income for myself, my loving wife and two beautiful daughters.

Since ND Custom Computer is not a primary source of income for our family, I charge lower rates than other computer service providers. While you will save some money, you can be assured that you will receive the same professional service and knowledge that is offered elsewhere for more money.

ND Custom Computers was officially created in 2012, but began as a business partnership with a friend in 2001 under the name Sythera Systems. I have done business under that name until 2012. In addition to computer hardware and software, I also enjoy web design, automotive work, as well as creating, fixing, or repairing nearly anything. I also have over 13 years of volunteer and professional work in technical theatre as a lighting designer, audio technician and technical director.

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