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Custom computers offer many advantages over the mass produced name brand systems you find at your local bog-box store. ND Custom Computer builds high quality computers for what you want to do. From simple, low cost internet and word processing machines to cutting-edge high performance gaming rigs, ND Custom Computer can build something just for you.

Built for you

Custom systems allow you to have what you need, when you need it. Nothing you don't want, and missing nothing you do.


Unlike systems with proprietary parts, ND Custom Computers are build with easily upgradeable parts, allowing you to rebuild your computer with newer parts at a fraction the cost of a new computer.

Elegant design

High performance systems should not only function well, but look striking as well. ND Custom Computer focuses on the most basic details to ensure that your computer functions well, and looks great.

No bloat-ware

Big name manufacturers get paid big bucks to load their new computers with all sorts of software that you don't want or need. This takes up space and slows your system down. ND Custom Computer does not add any software that isn't advantageous to have, and takes no payment for addition of software.

Please use the Contact page to inquire on pricing.

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