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With laptops, dektops, smartphones, online gaming and internet video, most homes have more than one computer, and several devices using wireless internet. ND Custom Computer offers several services to keep your home connected and all your devices talking.

Network Installation

ND Custom Computer can install networking equipment for your home or business including routers, in-wall cabling and wall jacks to keep your home connected via the fastest wired standards. Wireless internet allows connection of multiple devices in any part of your home, including optional repeaters for your outdoor areas and segmented public and private networks to keep your personal data safe, while still allowing public connections if you desire.


Basic in-home router setup: $80
Additional services: $50 / hour


ND Custom Computer can custom build a large data-redundant file server to store your documents in a central location in your home or office and allow access from any computer. Use of open-source Linux operating systems allows a low-cost system to provide a great amount of storage with redundancy so that a single drive failure will not result in data loss. Easilly store multiple Terabytes of data, and access it from multiple computers in your home or office.

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