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Computer Tune-ups

Most people realize that after a few years, their computer isn't running as fast as it should be. Often times they feel that this is an indication that it needs to be replaced. More often than not, the slow down is caused by bloated software, registry issues and what computer geeks call "bit-rot", all easilly fixed by a simple tune-up.

Computer Restoration

A computer restoration restores your computer back to its original setting, or more often, even better than that. This involves backing up all your important information, deleting everything on your computer, reinstalling the operating system and restoring all your data. In addition to restoring the original software, I will ensure all available updates are applies, remove un-needed “bloatware” (software big manufacturers are paid to preload on your new computer), and install only useful licensed “freeware” including good antivirus software (Norton and McAfee are not good antivirus software). All documents in your libraries will be backed up to an external disk, as all data is removed from your computer in this process. Saved games and other data can be backed up upon request.

Hardware Repair & Upgrades

Problems with personal computers are most commonly software issues, but from time to time computer hardware will need to be repaired, replaced or upgraded. Upgrades are affordable and fast and may increase speed, storage capacity or allow for new devices to repair of damaged components.


All services include a free inspection
PC Tune-up: $80
Computer Restoration: $150
Upgrades/hardware repair/cleaning: $50 + Parts

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